Moment In Time (Pro)

What is Moment in Time (Pro)?

Travel and explorer the Moment in Time! Whenever you travel or you are a farmer who needs to get up at sunrise. Or you want to take beautiful pictures of the sunset at any place in the world, this app will be very handy for you.
When will the sun set? How many hours till the sun sets at march 20? When will the sun rise in Tokyo? All these questions will be answered.

  • your location will automatically be calculated when the gps setting is turned on
  • at the right and the left side of the line you see the sunset and sunrise times. The walking guy shows you the exact moment between them
  • In the middle of the circle the moon phase is shown
  • You can choose any place in the world
  • Every date can be chosen
  • Above the walking guy the actual weather is shown (Pro version)
  • An extra weather forecast screen is available (Pro version)





Waiting for fixed position:

At first the app asks you to turn on your gps.

Without gps coordinates the sunrise and sunset times cannot be calculated and the app won’t go further. If you dont want to use gps or you are not able to do that. You can always enter a location manually.

It will be explained further in this guide.

(You need an internet connection to choose a location)



The Home screen

  1. Closes the application
  2. Go to the settings screen
  3. The actual time. or time at the chosen location
  4. (Pro version) Actual temperature or actual temperature at chosen location
  5. (Pro version) First icon shows you the most recent weather information. Second icon shows you the weather whats coming in three hours. (Click for forecast screen)
  6. Sunrise or sunset icon
  7. The walking guy shows you the exact place of the moment of the day. If at daytime the guy is in the middle of the line. The sun will be at it’s highest point.
  8. sunrise and sunset times. These times depend on what your location and date are
  9. The time it will take till sunrise or sunset
  10. This arrow points you the exact moment of the season. (depends on location or date)
  11. The circle of seasons
  12. The moonfase

momentintimeproDownload Moment in Time Pro


MomentintimeDownload Moment in Time